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Bring back some of the modular modules from 1.4 so that using XT2 as a plugin is more useful

I don't find XT2 very useful as a VST at the moment because it offers nothing at all that 1.4 can not do better in that situation

Things that would be useful brought over from 1.4
SF2 support
Advanced Arp
Chords module
MIDI triggered audio/MIDI parts
A full live mode

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    NAS shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • nexus77 commented  · 

        The ability to open 1.4 patches in 2 would be fantastic as well as the ability to split inputs and outputs from stereo into separate l and r channels. I have no use at all for xt 2. I used 1 in the same fashion as plogue as an effects chainer. Now I cannot do this anymore with 2. Help!

      • am - uk commented  · 

        I'm in need of 1.4's control change remapping for vst effects, so i'll give this a vote.

      • mightypea commented  · 

        Much more importantly than the things that can be done with vst's (sf2, arp, chords...), I miss these things:
        -Bypass button.
        -Replace function
        -Live recording into the Audio out.
        -Live mode
        -Midi Triggered Audio/Midi Parts.

        And to be fair, the sampler. The new one just doesn't cut it, and a well-integrated sampler always beats a third-party vst hands down. Look at Ableton's integrated modules for proof of that (simpler, sampler, drumracks...)
        In addition to that, there are a lot of things that would make working in the modular view a lot more pleaseant, such as a way to insert a plugin between two others without disconnecting and then connecting anything.
        Or a way to set the volume between two modules (ala Buzz).

        Really, the modular area has been neglected long enough!

      • Charlie commented  · 

        Many of the features in XT1.4 are sorely missed and a source of great inspiration. For Mac and Linux users this would be fantastic.

      • unsub commented  · 

        the old MIDI triggered audio and MIDI parts please :)
        I really miss the live mode too.
        The groove channel in the sequencer was ONE OF A KIND and one of the coolest things ever, why oh why lose that?
        XT1.4 was such an unbelievably good program.
        Miss also the MIDI composer functions in the MIDI editor.

      • spekter commented  · 

        MIDI triggered audio/MIDI parts now, rest later please (as said, can be done with other plugs)

      • Jörg commented  · 

        Yes MIDI triggered audio/MIDI parts!! Enhance live mode!

      • JoeX commented  · 

        Yes MIDI triggered Audio/MIDI Parts would be really great!

      • kragg commented  · 

        I'd like to have the option to generate thumbnails of VSTi in the modular view ;)

      • snk commented  · 

        please bring back the sampler/beat slicer ! (and the wonderful arp)

      • NAS commented  · 

        Sorry funkadil but these are the basics when using XT as a plugin


      • Former Pharaoh commented  · 

        I miss the MIDI patcher. May as well add a MIDI and Audio switcher. Great for live purposes. The old Arp comp was nice too.

      • xybre commented  · 

        For me, this isn't just for XT-as-a-plugin, I'd love to have some of these for the standalone app as well, I miss them from XT1.

      • funkadil commented  · 

        Expansion on live mode is good I guess, but the rest of this should be the last thing the devs should be focusing on, i mean, SF2, arps, chords? those can all be covered using plugins, the foundations need to be fixed! this does not get my vote. This is also a very unfocused feature request, its a list where not even all items are related except that they are "useful".

      • kejkzz commented  · 

        ... and the abillity to have all new components in modular view (drum machine) with configurable separate outputs per drum cell...

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