tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:/forums/31359 Coming Next on UserVoice 2017-06-26T21:03:01-04:00 tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/46966297 2017-06-26T21:03:01-04:00 2017-06-26T21:03:01-04:00 Opções de Suporte e Menus no idioma Portugues. <p>Carlos Henrique suggested:<br />O menu poderia ter opções de linguagem, como Inglês, Espanhol, Francês, Portugues e Italiano e outros idiomas.</p> Carlos Henrique tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/45727975 2017-04-26T07:09:04-04:00 2017-04-26T07:09:04-04:00 Have the option to enlarge controls for touch-based users [updated] <p>Some of the controls, menus etc are not big enough for accurately hitting when using a touch screen. Also, the &quot;X&quot;, &quot;_&quot; etc buttons in the titlebar are not big enough either.</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>support for Windows TOUCH, please</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/45287131 2017-04-04T03:55:33-04:00 2017-04-04T03:55:33-04:00 MIDI Out for multiple ports [updated] <p>MIDI Out should allow to select output port: for example, I have system with 3 midi out ports connected to different synths. As of now, the only way to control these synths is to use MidiOut VST plugin.</p><p>Angelo said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Hi team, <br />same here! I am an old school guy, I have my synths connected to the old Steinberg MIDEX8, it would be great if EnergyXT would have MIDI out port selection feature. <br />Best, <br />y/</p></div></p> Angelo tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/45195184 2017-03-31T19:31:01-04:00 2017-03-31T19:31:01-04:00 A full Drum set, rather than just the 5 that exist. (Hi-hats, mid-toms, hi-toms, floor-tom, ride cymbal, etc.) <p>Brody suggested:<br />A full Drum set, rather than just the 5 that exist. (Hi-hats, mid-toms, hi-toms, floor-tom, ride cymbal, etc.)</p> Brody tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/44663134 2017-03-13T11:14:25-04:00 2017-03-13T11:14:25-04:00 ADSR envelope in drum sampler plz [updated] <p>Sair Bashir said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>along with a sample slice feature in the drum module. With manual or region slice/chop feature. Discard of unwanted sample audio, a zoom in/out for further editing of the sample slices.</p></div></p> Sair Bashir tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/43683589 2017-01-28T20:07:36-05:00 2017-01-28T20:07:36-05:00 Sell the DAW at a much lower price until it&#39;s fully equipped. <p>Joe suggested:<br />That would encourage people to buy it.</p> Joe tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/43028212 2016-12-28T07:01:29-05:00 2016-12-28T07:01:29-05:00 would be nice if Linux version works out the box [updated] <p>WORKING jack audio/midi support is essential for linux! dssi and ladspa plugin support would be nice too - native linux vst is a good solution but it&#39;s not a standard on this platform and there are too few developers </p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>energyXT 3.0 for Windows runs great under LinuxMint 18 / Wine 2.0</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/42350033 2016-11-24T09:05:27-05:00 2016-11-24T09:05:27-05:00 Multiple Suggestions! <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Firstly, I just want to say that the modular system is absolutely fantastic. A really refreshing way to work. Anyway here are my suggestions/comments: Updated Version 3 manual! 64-bit version? PIANO ROLL Show notes being played on keyboard Also have the length of the keys in piano roll longer so that it looks like an actual piano keyboard rather than a stub. PROJECT WINDOW Remove automatic loop marker on new project. Show tooltips when hovering over. What if you want to have more/less than one bar pre-count? How to disable snap? Drag a part outside of track to create a new track to send it to. Punch-In/Punch-Out recording? How to quickly bypass a send effect? How to make more fine adjustments to length of loop. Transport controls in Edit Window. Why does the track view need to be minimised in order to split a Part? How to edit 2 parts simultaneosly. How to manually ghost 2 parts. TRACKS Select All Tracks/Select None Icon (How to unselect multiple selected tracks? e.g. have it that if you click outside of the tracks it de-selects all) Have it that you can change the track height by clicking on the track separator in the Project Window rather than having to first expand the track. Automation track for audio other than volume e.g. where is pan? Have options relating to track e.g. monitoring/mono/stereo on track right-click BROWSER You should be able to create your own entry in the Browser. Save location history of imported midi files. MIXER Move tracks within Mixer TRANSPORT Transport should be larger. Why isn&#39;t there a fast-forward. DRUM SAMPLER Have the square light up indicating midi input (particularly when trying to map squares to keys on controller). Ability to assign colours to squares and have them represented in the score. Why does it show/limit only 5 instruments. Why can&#39;t you drag and drop an existing loop onto a new, blank square. The ability to open individual cells into their own Editing window. How to export the midi created in the Drum Sampler. If it reads midi input why can&#39;t you drag the arpreggiator onto it?</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/41514145 2016-10-24T12:30:45-04:00 2016-10-24T12:30:45-04:00 Separate volume control / level indicator in main toolbar. Bring the frequency bands back. <p>Roman Kogan suggested:<br />In EnergyXT 3.0 final, the main out volume control and level indicators are combined. Also, the frequency bands are gone. This makes it impossible to see at a glance what the main volume is. One has to move the mouse around - and to a rather unexpected place, since this design (thankfully) appears nowhere else in the program. This is a UX problem. Bring the old UI back, or add an option to control the look. The main volume control must be visible at all times, and main out level should be visible at all times. Also, toggling the frequency bands in main toolbar checkbox does nothing now, as the frequency bands are gone, gone, gone.</p> Roman Kogan tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/41193415 2016-10-12T12:45:03-04:00 2016-10-12T12:45:03-04:00 Fix bug on beta version 3 of distortion in playback of xt synth when using samples [updated] <p>MTW__MUSIC said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Even the Energy XT demo song that comes with the installer does not work properly because of this bug. It needs fixing because it has been around in the last few builds of XT. Currently I have to use version 2.7 because this is the last version that worked ok.</p></div></p> MTW__MUSIC tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/39952405 2016-09-06T01:24:18-04:00 2016-09-06T01:24:18-04:00 Rewire vst bug with mpc 1.9. Transport in Reason 8 is playing in a loop as soon as daw opens without pressing anything . Can&#39;t stop it [updated] <p>Steve Jenkins said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I'm having the same issue.. Please fix.. </p></div></p> Steve Jenkins tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/39154278 2016-08-05T03:54:14-04:00 2016-08-05T03:54:14-04:00 CC issues / Show hints / Crashing plug-ins <p>Björn suggested:<br />Running the latest 3.0: MIDI CC assignment only works on VST effects that are part of an insert chain of a VST instrument, that already has a CC assignment, doesn&#39;t work if you try to assign CC to a VST effect which is e.g. on an audio track (aka no CC assignment previously). Show hints on toolbar - feature doesn&#39;t toggle at all. Crashing plug-ins: u-he BazilleCM, u-he Protoverb (these crash instantly), Mark Henning AnaMark (crashes after trying to edit notes of a 2nd instance). </p> Björn tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/38808453 2016-07-25T05:16:30-04:00 2016-07-25T05:16:30-04:00 Export Groups / Export in project <p>Samuel Schoemaecker suggested:<br />Would be nice to be able to export (wav or MP3) isolated Groups and to have the ability to export directly in the project.</p> Samuel Schoemaecker tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/37983123 2016-06-27T08:18:37-04:00 2016-06-27T08:18:37-04:00 Linux! <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />...is missing for V3,0 ?!?!?!?</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/37545204 2016-06-09T11:55:07-04:00 2016-06-09T11:55:07-04:00 Built in synth issue in V3 [updated] <p>There appears to be a major problem with the built in synth in V3 when the synth uses samples or you try to load an sf2 you get severe distortion.</p><p>MTW__MUSIC said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I used the built in synth in a lot of my old energy xt songs and now that samples do not work in the built in synth in V3 I cannot play those old songs in V3. Very annoying. Please fix it soon.</p></div></p> MTW__MUSIC tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/36967695 2016-05-28T19:47:10-04:00 2016-05-28T19:47:10-04:00 Built in synth issue in V3 <p>Calum suggested:<br />There appears to be a major problem with the built in synth in V3 when the synth uses samples or you try to load an sf2 you get severe distortion.</p> Calum tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/36765834 2016-05-26T00:49:28-04:00 2016-05-26T00:49:28-04:00 Allow external sampling from external sources [updated] <p>allow external sampling using xt drum sampler from external sources like turntables,ipods,CD players instead of dragging and dropping loops or clips. live sampling mpc style but in xt software with the xt drum sampler. </p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Wow, you do have users that use samples as part of their workflow. Other software developers have it as a major feature for their products. I believe it will do wonders for us xt users and will be a major attraction for future xt users!</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/35558214 2016-04-22T11:21:17-04:00 2016-04-22T11:21:17-04:00 Rewire plugin dont run in Studio One 3.2 OS X El capitan.. <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Rewire plugin dont run in Studio One 3.2 OS X El capitan..</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/35434623 2016-04-19T06:43:44-04:00 2016-04-19T06:43:44-04:00 Problems in diferent screen resolutions XT3 <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />- Problems in diferent screen resolutions XT3. - News suggest: Play on last position, fades non destructives.</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/35355030 2016-04-16T02:14:51-04:00 2016-04-16T02:14:51-04:00 iPhone and ipad <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Update the iPhone version so it runs on newer devices and add support for ipad</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/35079210 2016-04-07T03:33:32-04:00 2016-04-07T03:33:32-04:00 Fix bug on beta version 3 of distortion in playback of xt synth when using samples Andy Davis tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/34008729 2016-03-07T19:55:29-05:00 2016-03-07T19:55:29-05:00 bounce to the next audio track <p>berlin suggested:<br />As an alternative to &quot;bounce to new track&quot; , &quot;bounce to the next audio track&quot;, so there no deed to create a new track everytime bounce is used</p> berlin tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/33962046 2016-03-06T08:12:11-05:00 2016-03-06T08:12:11-05:00 More regular updates <p>Hans suggested:<br />... self-explanatory! ;)</p> Hans tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/33231435 2016-02-15T11:21:43-05:00 2016-02-15T11:21:43-05:00 &quot;move all to audio folder&quot; <p>noise suggested:<br />&quot;move all to audio folder&quot; as an alternative option to &quot;copy all to audio folder&quot;. Thanks</p> noise tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/33020517 2016-02-09T09:01:52-05:00 2016-02-09T09:01:52-05:00 replacing a group of marked samples by using left shift + left mouse knob in the audio file to your selected samplefile maravalde tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/32694561 2016-01-30T22:00:06-05:00 2016-01-30T22:00:06-05:00 split view of tabs <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />hi, i would think a &quot;split view&quot; for docked tabs would improve a lot energyxt workflow, imagine if we could see docked tabs the same way we see the browser and the sequencer for example!! thanks you.</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/31957368 2016-01-08T18:12:09-05:00 2016-01-08T18:12:09-05:00 Rewire vst bug with mpc 1.9. Transport in Reason 8 is playing in a loop as soon as daw opens without pressing anything . Can&#39;t stop it Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/31776309 2016-01-03T14:44:31-05:00 2016-01-03T14:44:31-05:00 64-bits EnergyXt version [updated] <p>Currently all processors at the market supports 64bits OS and a lot of Ram Memory. I think that we can squeeze EnergyXt on that computers to do something better and faster if we have an 64-bits EnergyXt version. What do you think?</p><p>Neil Fellowes said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>64-bit would be hugely welcome and something of a game-changer for you. Do it and you'll have my money ;-)</p></div></p> Neil Fellowes tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/31753593 2016-01-02T13:57:30-05:00 2016-01-02T13:57:30-05:00 64 bit Linux version Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/31679937 2015-12-30T11:07:10-05:00 2015-12-30T11:07:10-05:00 Support for HIDPI monitors and laptops in Linux Stefan Stensson tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/31204290 2015-12-14T01:46:52-05:00 2015-12-14T01:46:52-05:00 More Shortcuts [updated] <p>Shortcut or Keyboard Command for entering/leaving a clip/part. I hate using the mouse so i love the step input feature(F4). Adding to this &quot;no mouse needed&quot; kind of workflow it would be nice to be able to enter and leave clips/parts with a keyboard command or shortcut. </p><p>michi_mak said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>that's already possible!!! you can enter either inline editing or open a clip in its own window... <br />and you surely can select parts or tracks with key commands.</p> <p>DONT REQUEST FEATURES THAT ARE ALREADY THERE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO OPERATE THE SOFTWARE!!!</p></div></p> michi_mak tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/30843003 2015-12-02T11:03:32-05:00 2015-12-02T11:03:32-05:00 per clip fx´s <p>jnswjnx suggested:<br />the possibility to apply fx´s to a single audio clip instead of an all track, thank you!</p> jnswjnx tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/30495132 2015-11-21T09:24:45-05:00 2015-11-21T09:24:45-05:00 More MIDI implementation <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />More MIDI controlling, everything that can be MIDI controlled by a blow MIDI or MIDI keyboard or guitar to MIDI, should gonna be MIDI controlled. </p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/29485596 2015-10-25T20:35:12-04:00 2015-10-25T20:35:12-04:00 v.14 left side mixer was genius <p>Anonymous suggested:<br /> selecting a comp and we had an instant chainer on the left.. this and the randomizer would make v3 so good!</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/28960761 2015-10-10T11:56:04-04:00 2015-10-10T11:56:04-04:00 Synthesizer Group Presets [updated] <p>Example: If you have 10 different Bass presets... Wouldn&#39;t it be great if you could import all of them as different programs in the Synthesizer at once? In one preset-import. Instead of importing one preset at a time...</p><p>Blaž Mertelj said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>That is support for Preset Banks! This is what would popularize eXT a lot! We could share our banks.</p> <p>Soundbanks or preset banks of the internal synthesizer cannot be created/saved and specially cannot be shared. <br />If that was possible there would be many banks online and people would use/buy ext2 much more.</p></div></p> Blaž Mertelj tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/28960662 2015-10-10T11:51:26-04:00 2015-10-10T11:51:26-04:00 Open Source [updated] <p>Release the code and make the whole thing open source! This would give a huge draw to EnergyXT, perhaps allowing it to compete with big names such as Cubase, though no such guarantee could be made. Because this is a long-term thought, it may not be realistic for the next version.</p><p>Blaž Mertelj said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>If turned into open-source "donationware" it may gain larger user base and donations may pay higher reward maybe.</p></div></p> Blaž Mertelj tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/28427766 2015-09-26T08:05:14-04:00 2015-09-26T08:05:14-04:00 Support windows 10 Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/27947898 2015-09-13T05:55:00-04:00 2015-09-13T05:55:00-04:00 sdf [updated] <p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Navigation via computer keyboard.</p> <p>Why can you select clips/parts with the arrow keys and move the song cursor with keys 5 and 6 but cannot paste clips to the cursor position using strg.+v? <br />Why can't you enter a selected clip with a keyboard command (especially since there is step in mode for entering notes via computer keyboard)?</p> <p>I hate using the mouse, and ALL Daws still depend on it except for trackers. <br />A software that supports a "no mouse needed" (and also "no external midicontroler needed") workflow would set itself apart from all others. Its very comfortable and you become extremely fast after some time, if you can ONLY use our computer keyboard for creating a song. <br />Since there is a very simple and quick way to enter notes via step input (F4), which i love, adding to this kind of workflow would be really great.</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/27947667 2015-09-13T05:29:01-04:00 2015-09-13T05:29:01-04:00 sdf Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/27947478 2015-09-13T05:11:53-04:00 2015-09-13T05:11:53-04:00 More Shortcuts <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Shortcut or Keyboard Command for entering/leaving a clip/part. I hate using the mouse so i love the step input feature(F4). Adding to this &quot;no mouse needed&quot; kind of workflow it would be nice to be able to enter and leave clips/parts with a keyboard command or shortcut. </p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/27251811 2015-08-24T16:54:59-04:00 2015-08-24T16:54:59-04:00 Get your f&quot;£$ing midi out working hey, that will be nice... instead of wasting my time and cash.... [updated] <p>as per tittle, implement proper MIDI management for hardware gears... Thank you</p><p>annoyed said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>any time...</p></div></p> annoyed tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/27251796 2015-08-24T16:54:37-04:00 2015-08-24T16:54:37-04:00 Get your f&quot;£$ing midi out working hey, that will be nice... instead of wasting my time and cash.... <p>annoyed suggested:<br />as per tittle, implement proper MIDI management for hardware gears... Thank you</p> annoyed tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/25474141 2015-07-08T16:38:26-04:00 2015-07-08T16:38:26-04:00 sample shift for notes, audios, objects and tracks. [updated] <p>sample shift for notes, audios, objects and tracks.</p><p>ZonderP said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Hi Toshi!</p> <p>Could you elaborate your suggestion, please? <br />I have no clue what you mean. <br />E.g. what should 'Sample shift for objects' do? The same with the others. <br />I might have a clue when you speak about audios...</p></div></p> ZonderP tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/25462780 2015-07-08T11:18:15-04:00 2015-07-08T11:18:15-04:00 a few cosmetics options <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />comps could be view as rectangles as well (not only squares), a &quot;choose color&quot; menu to comps, option to set the size of fonts, thanks</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/25399483 2015-07-06T23:41:23-04:00 2015-07-06T23:41:23-04:00 sample shift for notes, audios, objects and tracks. <p>toshi suggested:<br />sample shift for notes, audios, objects and tracks.</p> toshi tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/24316521 2015-06-14T13:02:57-04:00 2015-06-14T13:02:57-04:00 looks folder [updated] <p>browser is in need of a looks folder! (or set any folder to be a browser folder) thank you!</p><p>Blaž Mertelj said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Can you elaborate, pls. Seems something useful...</p></div></p> Blaž Mertelj tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/24295923 2015-06-13T12:17:44-04:00 2015-06-13T12:17:44-04:00 subpatch/group module? <p>you suggested:<br />somekind of a grouping module would be interesting!! i know theres a vst version but its not the same thing :(</p> you tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/23626374 2015-05-24T18:14:53-04:00 2015-05-24T18:14:53-04:00 Easy Sidechain [updated] <p>Add to compressor sidechain button and then option which channel you want to be a trigger. AKA easy sidechain. Similar in ableton. samplitude, orion etc..</p><p>L. said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Markus, please be more explicit next time.</p> <p>This suggestion is pretty much useless, without proper notes.</p> <p>Thanks.</p></div></p> L. tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/22387860 2015-04-16T12:08:30-04:00 2015-04-16T12:08:30-04:00 looks folder <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />browser is in need of a looks folder! (or set any folder to be a browser folder) thank you!</p> Anonymous tag:energyxt.uservoice.com,2008-02-07:Event/22355670 2015-04-15T13:01:28-04:00 2015-04-15T13:01:28-04:00 Multiple outputs in VST version [updated] <p>Plese bring back multi-outs for the VST version of EnergyXT. Just like it was in Version 1. This is highly needed for proper integration with other DAWs.</p><p>ist said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Yes Im not that mad to use multi instances, think 8 instances of reaktor @ x8 energyXTs, not only a cpu killer but a time/methodology killer, there is no point in multi instances when there are tons of multi out VSTs out there. This souldnt be that hard, xt 1.4 managed it stably.</p> <p>+1000 for multi out VST (alongside with x64/multicore engine), a must have</p></div></p> ist